Polyamory On Screen: Featuring Two in the Bush: A Love Story

Laura Madalinski, co-writer, co-executive producer, and director of the poly-positive feature film “Two in the Bush: A Love Story”, will be leading a discussion on the importance of representation in the media. The media portrays us as they see fit until we begin to speak for ourselves. This discussion will guide participants through the ways that the media gets representation right, and the ways that we still need to reclaim that representation within our communities. The class will include a short intro from Laura, clips from various web series, television, and films depicting polyamory, as well as clips from “Two in the Bush”.

Bio: Laura Madalinski spent her childhood in West Virginia, where she was queer before she knew it had a name. She studied film and video at Columbia College Chicago before launching a career in post-production. After working in-house for eight years, she started her own company, Strange Charm, in 2013. She wrote “Two in the Bush: A Love Story” with her partner Kelly Haas. The film is Laura’s directorial debut.