Single and Solo Poly in the LGBTQ and Non-Monogamy Community

Presenter: Nikki G

This class will be a lively discussion on the various forms of polyamory outside of primary/anchor partner bond. We’ll have an interactive discussion on single and solo poly, in which we define single poly and solo poly and extract the similarities and differences. We’ll discuss how single and solo polyamorists are viewed in the non-monogamous community and the challenges these perceptions cause. We’ll see how single and solo poly blend into the polyamorous community in its entirety and then we’ll tweeze out the LGBTQI section and compare it to the overall community. We’ll also discuss non-monogamy in all its variations. After this discussion you will be more knowledgeable about the terms single and solo poly, you’ll have real world examples to see it at work in current situation and how it may apply to your non-monogamous lifestyle.

NIKI GEE is a sex positive, lesbian, solo-polyamorist. She is the president of Quare Square Collective, a non-profit for Queer Artists of Color. She is currently studying sacred sexual healing which is a way to assist in ridding humanity of the shame and guilt experienced around sexuality or what society may deem “deviant” sexuality. The mother of 2 sons is also a massage therapist and a spoken word artist. My mission is to help myself and others. “make living that best part of being alive”. ™