Panel: Queer and Non-Monogamous

Facilitator: Sarah Sloane; Panelists: Marta Collazo, Coriama Davis, Chad Wilson, Aericka Helf

This panel will discuss the various privileges and oppressions faced by the LGBTQIA community as it intersects with the non-monogamy community. Specifically, panelists will begin the discussion with such topics as: the marginalization and fetishization of queer folks in a polyamorous community that is heavily heteronormative; transitions and intersections and differences in relationship types; how to come out, be out, and present oneself without shame as a queer non-monogamous person; and how to communicate with openness and transparency in order to have one’s needs met.

Marta Collazo has explored self-care since her early adult years, studying self-examination and eye gazing meditation. She has written narratives to explore the gap between attachment, suffering, and surrender, and encourages a sex-positive spiritual movement where we can foster forgiveness of self and others.

Coriama is an artist, activator, and aesthetic consultant whose work is all about the ABC’S (art, beauty, culture, and sexuality). She aims to utilize the ABC’S as a means to create broader understandings of social change, beauty sentiments, and liberation. She states “the ABC’S intersect and interact to make up the unique lens through which all of us experience life!” Coriama, also the founder of sex KiKi, a sex-positive community, and queer media outlet. Utilizing sexUALITY as a healing art, their intent is to dissect pleasure and desire through radical dialogue and visual art

Aericka is a lifelong camper and concert aficionado, who does graphic design work on her weekdays. After exiting a 15 year monogamous marriage, they became active in the Chicago poly community a year ago. While that has not been without its challenges, polyamory has brought Aericka more freedom and awakening than they have ever experienced before. They have been openly queer for 38 years, and openly gender non-conforming for 2 years. Thus, living authentically, in an openly queer life has earned Aericka the ability to face and overcome challenges with compassion, integrity, and understanding.

Chad Wilson: Chad Wilson has been active in sex-positive education for several years. He currently serves on the board for Leathermen of Recovery, a club for kinky queer folks in recovery from substance abuse and behavioral addictions. He is a member of a poly constellation consisting of 10 local individuals and more out of town. Currently, he has two partners, once of whom is a power exchange dynamic. He has organized panels and workshop on topics such as Healthy and Unhealthy Dependence with Chicago Power Exchange and Negotiation and Communication with Chicago Puppy Patrol.