“No More Spoons”

Presenters: Elliott Lugo and Emma Fine

After a brief discussion of “The Spoon Theory” by Christine Miserandino, we will guide participants in identifying the hidden energy drains in their lives. Often overlooked are the privilege differences between partners, the stress of closeting, medical and environmental burdens particular to the intersectionalities we all possess. Using activities (Privilege Walk, puzzle games), we hope to show that not all partners come to a relationship with the same tools, or spoons, and how that can affect the relationship.
But have hope, dear participants, there are ways to stay positive with your partners! We will cover the ethical part of spoon sharing, technology to streamline non-monogamy, metamour dynamics regarding personal and relationship energy, and when the right, and wrong, time is to say “no”. Our hope is the participants leave their time with us with better knowledge of how each individual is responsible for nurturing their partners, their relationships, and themselves.

Elliott is a social worker with ten years of experience in the Addictions and Mental Health Field. He enjoys playing with his son, snuggling with his partner, video games, comic books, political discussions, & pretty much anything involving Batman. He is in his first ethically non-monogamous relationship, in which there are plenty of deep RADAR conversations, hugs, laughs, tears, and tacos.

Emma is a student of the School of Hard Knocks. Through her studies she has gained  “experience” and “wisdom.” Her post-graduate work has led her to develop networks of caring, open-minded people to whom she is a mentor and collaborator. Finding great satisfaction in telling people what to do with their lives, she has recently applied to return to an accredited college to pursue a career in paid Social Work. She spends her time with two partners, four kids, one grouch of a cat, numerous friends, and even sometimes makes time to spend alone with herself.