How to Fall In Love in 36 Questions

Presenter: Shawn Coleman

Want to fall in love? Studies have shown that mutual vulnerability quickens the path to love. Come meet a complete stranger and test out this theory for yourself. Together we’ll answer these questions and eye gaze; in order to promote deep connection. By the end, I predict that everyone will feel closer to everyone else. Does it work? Honestly? Yes. Over the past 3 years, I have tested this out. I have seen multiple romantic relationships develop.  If sparks don’t fly, you can still have fun getting to know yourself and other compassionate, silly, & interesting people.

About the Love Experiment: A couple of decades ago, a psychologist decided to test this thing called love. His team developed a series of personal questions & proved that mutual vulnerability can shorten the path to intimacy. Click here to read the NY Times article about it.

Shawn is an open-hearted professional cuddler and workshop facilitator; who discovered polyamory in college (so cliché, right). Much to Shawn’s delight, there was a lot of crossover with the cuddle community, which Shawn took to like a fish to water.  First, as a participant, attending nearly every cuddle party; then, as a facilitator in training, assisting with every party. The strong focus on consent and awareness spoke to Shawn.

Since that time, Shawn has been hard at work queering the cuddle scene. As the country’s first out genderqueer cuddle professional, Shawn offers 1 on 1 cuddle sessions and creates Cuddle Up events and Question Game events that are intentionally affirming of the queer and the questioning. These events are one of the many ways that Shawn helps people to connect with others through mutually vulnerable experiences.  Shawn also maintains a cuddle space at Chicago Queer Spa, a spa takeover event for people who do not feel accepted/ affirmed in gendered, heteronormative spas.