Deconstructing the Heteropatriarchy in Romantic Relationships Between Women

Presenter: Itzel Jihan

Have you ever found yourself connecting with women, yet unable to move forward toward a more romantic-based relationship? Why does it sometimes seem so hard for women to establish romantic relationships with other women, but easy to establish the same with men/non-women? In this workshop, we will establish a safe space in which to discuss our fears, concerns, and questions related to dating other women, and work on deconstructing the heteropatriarchal values embedded in us that may be preventing us from moving forward into creating romantic relationships with other women. This session is open to all women.


Itzel Jihan has been actively practicing polyamory for five years, and thinking about it for even longer (thanks, Mom!) They are a founder and facilitator of the non-monogamy social and support group in their community. Itzel is a queer femme living in the middle of a corn desert, and spends a lot of time thinking about their queer identity and grappling with related feelings of isolation. Noticing a lack of space for queer non-men specifically, Itzel hopes to work on creating those spaces and focusing more attention and energy on queer women and non-men.