Body Beautiful: Sexual Power for Different Bodies

Presenter: Sarah Sloane

Almost nobody has a model’s body, yet sometimes, we feel shame or guilt when our bodies don’t look, act, or feel like the folks we see in the media (not to mention porn!). Instead of focusing on how our bodies aren’t like theirs (whether because of size, age, race, mobility, or strength), let’s talk about how to have the best sex of our lives in the bodies that we live (and love!) in. We’ll cover how we look at our bodies, explore our strengths, and come up with ways to make sex (solo or partnered) even sexier, more pleasurable, and more authentic!

Sarah Sloane is a sexuality and relationships education, writer, and activist from Chicago, IL. Sarah firmly believes that love is a radical act, and as such, her goal is to contribute to making spaces where that love can be affirmed, in all its varieties. She has spoken at colleges, professional organizations, affinity groups, and industry events for over 15 years, and she’s written for a wide variety of websites and magazines about sexuality and relationship topics. Outside of her work, she spends time with her partners and friends, the free weight section of her gym, her knitting, her coffee pot, and her teddy bear, Stuart. (website: www.sarahsloane.net, twitter @Sarah Sloane)