2017 Speakers and Classes

Here are some of the highlights of what you missed in 2017! We look forward to bringing another amazing set of classes and speakers in for 2018!

Keynote by: Sarah Sloane

Alicia Crosby – Coming Out as Non-Monogamous (discussion)

Josie Kearns and Elizabeth Duke – Creating Your Own Relationship Escalator (guided discussion)

Lavender Jihan – Uncovering Consent (practicum)

Rami Henrich and Cindy Trawinski (LifeWorks Psychotherapy) – Conflict in Polyamorous Relationships (guided discussion)

Fawna Stockwell and Worner Leland – Communication Strategies for Navigating Jealousy in Polyamory (guided discussion)

Master So’N’So – Practicum: Vulnerability and Emotional Self-Awareness

Shawn Coleman – Non-Sexual Touch and Boundaries in Polyamorous Relationships (practicum)

Panel Discussions on: Gender Identity in Non-Monogamous Relationships, and Supporting Partners with Mental and Physical Health Differences


Check back fall 2017 for our request for class proposals!